Halloween in Huntly : 2006
'Day of the Dead Sweetie Skeleton' and Collaboration with Artist Chris Dooks


In 2006 I heard of a call for artists to propose live works for the Halloween in Huntly Festival, to take place October 28 2006 in Huntly Aberdeenshire from Deveron Arts. I came up with 'Day of the Dead - Sweetie Skeleton' - a giant wearable puppet 8 foot tall, bringing it with me packed down into a big box on a trolley all the way from North Yorkshire to Huntly on the train. On the evening of the Halloween Festival, a parade lead by the Huntly Pipe Band, marched it's way into the town's square from the castle. 'Sweetie Skeleton' mingled with the crowds of people, dancing to the music from the Pipe Band, enticing children to approach the special basket of chocolate skulls strapped to the skeleton, to lift the lid and take a sweetie! Some of the smaller children needed their parent's encouragement to approach, and the older ones came back for more.

In the few weeks before Halloween, 'Polymash' artist Chris Dooks was also in the Huntly area working on his film The Slough of Despond, for the the Halloween in Huntly Festival, screened with a live soundtrack mix in the town's Square during the evenings festivities. Footage of my masks featured in 'The Slough of Despond' film - a Wickerman homage re-mix. For more info on the film click here