Red Riding Hood Trail : 2006

In 2005 I began a residency at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop in Lumsden, Aberdeenshire on a Partners Artist-in-Residence Project. The outcome of the residency was The Red Riding Hood Trail an installation/event taking place in a Pine woods on the edge of the village. It was a magical, enticing experience where the individual became a participant in the piece.


This piece involved and grew from my residency being based at the local Lumsden Primary School. The 'Trail' involved some children in wolf mask stalking the Trail visitors in the woods, installation of a miniature paper mache village, red hoods for the visitors to wear, projection of video of Grannies werewolf morphing into wolves and a Grandma's house incorporating a mini tv showing showing a wolf puppet reciting words from the Red Riding Hood story. The whole school, puipils, teachers, classroom assistants and parents were involved in the project, it being developed over a six month period.